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Mouth Guards

  • Feb 12 / 2014
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Mouth Guards

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Like any piece of custom made sporting equipment, a custom made mouthguard will improve your performance.

A pre fabricated shop bought general fit mouthguard will only fit a handful of the population correctly and offers some protection to a general low contact sporting session. Prefabricated guards look the part but offer little protection due to the uneven fit over the teeth reducing breathing space and speech.

A Dental Prosthetist can offer a custom made mouthguard which will lock onto the teeth taking no effort to retain the guard in your mouth. This close fit offers protection to your teeth and keeps airways open and free to communicate.

The guards have a measured even surface that allows your teeth to come together in a natural comfortable position and offers protection to molar teeth and jaws.

Protecting developing teeth is a must. Mouthguards are for all mouths.

Child’s mouth guard can be fitted with provision for full growth of teeth, a well fitting mouthguard is more likely to stay in during the game and get the child use to wearing a mouth guard for future sport. With a choice of 30 colours there is bound to be a team or favourite colour.

 Junior sports guards are for developing mouths that need to protect permanent adult teeth, these mouthguards offer a dual layer offering a solid layer of plastic in front of the front teeth.

Multi sports guard is a standard of protection for any contact sport. This guard offers full protection of jaw and teeth with added molar clench pad for heavy collision protection.

Fight guard is for heavy contact sport. Guards are made from a solid plastic layer protecting teeth bone and jaw structures.

Sleep & Gym guard protect your teeth at night or when working out, a clear thin mouthguard will offer a protective layer between your teeth when you are likely to clench or grind your teeth.

A guard is a wise investment in the protection of your teeth. They are personally fitted to the mouth and made to last. Identification is imprinted into the guard in case of misplacement.

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